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Lock Locksmith Tech Newton, MA 617-712-1215The past has taught us that lack of appropriate exit in case of fire or explosion can lead to enormous loss of human life. In the last few years of the 20th century, emergency exits were made compulsory for every building, as we became aware of the consequences of a mishap in the closed surrounding. Mandatory building codes and regulations were formulated by many countries following this.

Installing Push Bars on the emergency exit doors are the most effective, fast and safest means to exit a building in an alarming situation. Lock Locksmith Tech are the only complete locksmith solution provider in Newton, MA that can install push bars and provide maintenance services.

How push bars work?

A push bar is a fool-proof mechanism that helps in the fast unlocking of the door during a crisis. Its spring-loaded bar opens that door when pushed and allows the people to exit the building quickly. The idea to invent such a mechanism was floated by experts when they realized how difficult it would be to navigate door knobs and keys when the whole building is engulfed in smoke. Also, the sheer panic of being in such a situation can result in stampede and loss of life. A push bar system is very easy to access during such a chaotic situation and allows a large number of people to exit the building easily.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

Customers often doubt the working of a push bars prior to installation. The common question is that if these push bars allow easy exit, won’t it facilitate easy entry?  No – as most emergency doors are designed to operate from one side, i.e. inside only. Lock Locksmith Tech installs the most dependable and secure push bars. These push bars are a very easy to open from inside but, without a key, quite impossible to open from outside

Our service availability:

Lock Locksmith Tech believes the safety is of utmost importance. The emergency push bar emergency exit locks we install proffers maximum protection against miscreants and ensures the safety of the residents during unforeseen circumstances. We also undertake regular maintenance checks to make sure its maximum workability at all times and help you avoid any penalties from competent authorities. We also offer round-the-clock services to commercial and residential clients in Newton, MA and can mend damaged push bars or install new ones at affordable prices.

Need to secure your newly acquired building with emergency exit locks? Call Lock Locksmith Tech for all push bars related services!